PonyVRville is a MLP inspired, and Oculus Rift DK2 (0.6 SDK) enabled, virtual horse simulator. The 0.6 SDK will work with the current 0.8 release as well, and hopefully future versions.
It's a small sandbox world with very basic AI and a couple of quests built as a learning project. No warranty is given, no endorsement is implied or offered. Totally unauthorized and not made for a profit. Just a personal project. Made for Windows 7, 8, 10 64-bit, needs a (very) nice graphics card, etc. A gamepad is definitely preferable, the X-box360 pad for windows is suggested. Yes, it will work without the Oculus Rift.


VR Video


  • Much nicer looking town and graphics!
  • Town Hall from across the water.
  • Nicer carrying effect!
  • Better text and pinecones.
  • Applefarm with an Applebarn.
  • And an Applecart! With Apples!
  • Inside Fluttershy's Cottage!
  • Town overview


v0.0.6 9/17/2016

Not dead yet!

  • Tentative support for the Vive, still runs perfectly well under Oculus Home. (No motion control support yet!)
  • Completely revamped ground textures, which look a lot nicer.
  • The landscape has been re-worked also, nicer river textures (water and ground) and geometry.
  • Hills! The hills are nice and pretty and colorful now (discopears.deviantart.com), they may also be alive with the sound of music.
  • The ugly mountains from before have been set on fire, deleted, undeleted, set on fire again, and mulched.
  • Unrelated to said mulch, actual grass has been added to minimize pony starvation and improve Feng Shui.
  • There's now a carpet in your starting house. It really ties the room together.
  • Projectiles are re-worked, as a unicorn you have a magic beam thing, a fireball and a bomb. Pegasi have a lightning bolt, or a bomb.
  • Trixie has been given an allotment of pinecones for no reason whatsoever.
  • Fluttershy's Cottage and Carousel Boutique can be entered now thanks to discopears.deviantart.com
  • As can the Apple family barn and for the same reason.
  • There are fish in the sky and birds in the sea. Or vice-versa maybe. Just a few of them, and you can't touch them in either case.
  • Weird boxes have been replaced with bales of hay.
  • Lots of the ponies say things now, thanks to BronyWriter over on fimfiction.net
  • Pony text bubbles have been re-worked and support translation packs (of which there are currently none), and unicode with everything from Cyrillic to Japanese fonts (which are not currently used either).
  • There's an ugly fountain in town square. It's pink.
  • A bunch of meshes have been optimized with LODs, so they get uglier when you're further away.
  • The flags atop Town Hall wave now.
  • Lighting and pathfinding have been fixed as well, still not anti-aliasing though, due to a FPS hit. Maybe next time.
  • Windows Game Center video recording works now.
  • Old bugs have been replaced with new ones, because of course they have.
  • The OS X build has been removed as Oculus temporarily has dropped support for the platform. Also no one played it.

Prior Releases

iPegasi in the Sky

  • New icon and splash screen courtesy of AlexWhiteUK
  • Actual flying AI pegasuseses have been added to the game. You can also press F9 to make them want to go to your location.
  • Terrain has been reworked a bit and the road is now painted on the ground. Spline roads have been removed.
  • Update of how ponies act when you aren't around. That's right, they talk about you behind your back. Blank-flank.
  • Mesh optimizations to the apple trees to speed up rendering.
  • Buttons over the heads of the interactive ponies now have extra spinning action.
  • OS X build finally finished! You can now play on the Mac with this release. If you want to anyway.
  • Minor bug fixes and changeling AI optimizations.
  • Known OS X issue, the instructional video doesn't play. Will try to fix. Eventually.

Ponies in time

  • All ponies now using the same AI base for proper CelestAI overwatch class control.
  • AI has been improved somewhat, ponies will behave themselves better.
  • The players' pony body now randomizes color on startup. You still don't have a cutie mark, blank-flank.
  • The river is now a real one that you will sink into, instead of walking on the surface. Now I won't have to hear the Jesus Pony joke at every con.
  • River surface texture has been re-worked for transparency, along with underwater post volume and texture.
  • More sounds have been added to animations.
  • Game start location moved into an ugly house as people used to get stuck on top of town hall.
  • A friendly video will play instructions if you care to watch them, though I know you won't of course.
  • "T"/"Y" Teleport has been removed and disabled, as it was only disorienting people when they jumped around.
  • The "Q"/"Left Shoulder" teleport should be enough to disorient people all by itself.
  • Player can cycle projectiles from bolt of lightning to fireball to a bomb using "Tab"/"Right Shoulder."
  • The bomb works on parasprites much in same the way that TNT works on carp.
  • It is now possible to carry objects by looking at them and holding "Right Mouse Button"/"Left Trigger" (and release to drop).
  • Oculus Rift SDK switched to 0.4.4, which likely to be soon outdated.
  • More tweaks to pony pathfinding, but they're still mostly idiots. I blame Twist, who is therefore not appearing in this game.
  • Changelings have been added. There are two bad guy Changelings, and one good/neutral one. It's Bon Bon, because reasons.
  • You can zap a Changeling to remove their disguise, whereupon they'll try to get to cover and restore it.
  • With Bon Bon her conversation text changes as you continue to zap her.
  • The drone Changelings can't be reasoned with, but enough zaps and they'll fly away to find more peaceful fields.
  • If not chased away Changelings will attack ponies, trapping them in green fire. Zap the stuck pony with any projectile to free them.
  • The start house has been outfitted with a sandwich and a cider mug, neither modeled by me. You can carry them around though.
  • There's a Discord somewhere in the map, if you find him, you can carry him around too.
  • All ponies now share the same skeleton. This is simpler, if somewhat less hygenic. Fluttershy didn't speak up so hers was used.
  • Miscellaneous old bugs have been swapped for new ones, discovering them is left as an exercise to the player.


  • Male ponies now also have updated animations and optimized pony models. Woo.
  • Creepy-Zombie-Pony index lowered to 3.48 as all ponies look around and blink now.
  • New unicorn ability! Pressing Q or the Left Shoulder teleports you ~200ft in the direction you're looking
  • Holding Q or Left Shoulder slows down time to 1/10th speed, letting you aim comfortably, or just stare at ponies when they're slowed down
  • Crosshair added to Slow Time mode to make it a bit easier to aim yourself!
  • Player projectile switched from friendly bouncy ball to a bolt of lightning, with sound effects and glow!
  • Oculus Rift SDK version switched to 0.4.3 just in time for the 0.4.4 release.
  • Optimizations have added a few extra fps to Oculus Rift mode
  • Dialogue boxes completely re-worked to be much friendlier.
  • Speaking ponies now have their dialogue box over their head instead of stapled onto the player camera.
  • Tried to fix phrasing for pony conversations. Some spelling errors were exterminated as well.
  • Non-pony dialogue text will auto-dismiss in 15 seconds now.
  • Had to revert to an older version and re-code some features from the previous release. So there might be some new bugs in there too.
  • Executable in game root folder now! No more hunting for it.

"Yer a pony 'arry."

  • All new animations and updated/optimized pony models.
  • New animations include both blinking and eye movements, lowering the Creepy-Zombie-Pony Index (CZPI) to a more comfortable 3.8975.
  • FPS and HMD stats can be brought up by pressing "Right" on the d-pad of your controller as well now.
  • Complete internal code and blueprint overhaul that you don't care about, but it is a good thing. Really. Mostly anyway.
  • Ponies will no longer moonwalk away from you after conversations.
  • Parasprite spawn will only happen once you complete Trixie's quest, bringing enough (100) of them to Pinkie will also stop the random Parasprite spawns.
  • The no-collision forest behind Fluttershy's cottage has been razed. I blame Spike.
  • Fixed Sugarcube Corner roof collisions. You can now collide with it.
  • DetourCrowds implemented for marginally better navigation AI.
  • Pegasi, like the fickle airborne creatures that they are, will now make their own choices as to whether walk or fly.
  • Thanks to the kindness of MelodicPony History of Ponyville is the current BGM.
  • As a way of tempting fate, the internal name for the pony controller class is now CelestAI.
  • Game now fades to black on reload and from black on load. Use this calming moment to contemplate the choices in life that led to you playing a VR My Little Pony sim.
  • Spawned Pinkie clones now shout FUN at varying frequency, giving you even more of an incentive to re-evaluate their continued existence.
  • Ponies may now take a temporary break from walking around aimlessly, giving them the illusion of free will.
  • River tiling and texture fixed. You still walk on it however.
  • Derpy’s cloud is now a stylized shape instead of a particle effect.
  • Some misspellings have been fixed, but probably not all of tehm.
  • Sometimes an exploding Pinkie clone will launch you to an absurd height. You’re welcome.
  • Shadows changed to be ray traced distance field area shadows. This is probably a good thing.
  • Some anti-aliasing has been added, the exact amount will be tweaked later.
  • Lightmap UV's have been fixed to remove overlap. This had the effect of removing overlap from lightmap UV's.
  • Several old bugs have been replaced with new ones. Finding them is left as an exercise to the player.
  • Icon and loading splash screen have been customized. Seemed like the thing to do. Will change them later.
  • Even more random undocumented keyboard commands. For example hitting "1" blows up all the spawned Pinkie clones at once.
  • Thanks to advances in virtual pony technology, you are now a virtual pony. Cutiemarks are not available in this release, blank-flank.

Progress goes "boing"

  • DK2 support (0.41 drivers needed, run in Extended Mode). DK1 may still work in legacy. Unsure.
  • Texture/lighting tweaks and optimizations. Baking most of the lights now for better performance.
  • Some bugs squashed. New ones added as a free bonus.
  • Sometimes game start teleport would fail. It doesn't anymore. Ponies were getting in the way, but they were strongly encouraged to stop doing that.
  • New Parasprite handling. Game now spawns them at random every two minutes.
  • More dialogue, mostly dealing with them.
  • Twilight will head to her house after you complete the Trixie quest.
  • Some placeholder sounds, most having to do with Pinkie.
  • There are a handful of hidden keyboard commands.

"It compiles! Ship it!"

  • Doesn't crash. Often.
  • Has yet to cause any confirmed deaths.


Gamepad Controls and Keyboard/Mouse Controls


The pony models have been significantly modified, but are originally poninnahka.deviantart.com's overhaul of kp-shadowsquirrel.deviantart.com's work.

The Ponyville Town Hall is by xigger.deviantart.com

Golden Oaks Library, Carousel Boutique, Fluttershy's Cottage, Schoolhouse and the Flowershop are by eightyfivethepegasus.deviantart.com

Sugarcube Corner, Sweet Apple Acres Barn, Fluttershy's Cottage interior and furniture, Carousel Boutique interior and furniture, Hills and other Misc items are by discopears.deviantart.com

Changeling was very kindly provided by tassadoul.deviantart.com and rigged by my friend Blankscape (who also made two of the generic Ponyville house models)

The BGM is "History of Ponyville" by the very talented MelodicPony

Some of the dialogue was written by the very prolific wordsmith BronyWriter

Icon and splash screen by https://www.google.com/+AlexWhiteUK

I also didn't make the bridges, the water tower, and some small misc items.

Most everything else is by me, coding, animation, the rest of the houses, you know who to blame.

Created with Unreal Engine 4.9 and compiled under Oculus drivers 0.6


Please check out The PonyVRville subreddit to offer me suggestions and feedback! Also find me on twitter as @mylittleties. Also of course please check out the wonderful ties and shiny pins at My Little Ties.

Known Issues


Any variation on an MSVCR error means you need to upgrade your VCR the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package installed on your machine.

Download Links

Win 64-bit: Google Drive